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Guiding Principles

Best Interests of the User

Technology must be applied in the best interests of its users. This means that the users of Geodigraph Hub (and not advertisers) are the primary and sole focus of Geodigraph's development work. Geodigraph Hub is not and shall never be driven by advertising revenue, nor shall its users data ever be sold to advertisers.

Openness and Transparency

Any bugs or security flaws discovered in Geodigraph Hub will be disclosed via WebGram in the Geodigraph Hub Dashboard as soon as they are known, and resolutions worked in the open with full and detailed disclosure to the users. In addition, Geodigraph Hub development shall be carried out in the open, and follows the Free Software philosophy.

Geodigraph Hub is Free Software released under the auspices of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0. We do not engage in patents, patent trolling, or other antisocial, anti-community behavior.


As long as a user's interactions in the Geodigraph Hub community maintain a standard of community-mindedness, Geodigraph Hub will not engage in censorship.

The Geodigraph Hub project follows the GNU Kind Communications Guidelines as a Code of Conduct for its developers.